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New year, new beginning

Moving out of the forest and into the open glade

So it's goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. I did stay up till midnight on December 31st, for nothing else than to make sure that 2020 truly went away. Let's face it 2021 has to be an improvement on the last twelve months we've just had!

I think, however, that unlike most years where the emphasis is on the new year and all that usually comes with it (new year's resolutions etc), there'll be a greater-than-normal emphasis on the year that has been. Whether we reflect on what and who we lost, the achievements we made, or the lessons that can be learnt, I'll certainly be looking back on a 2020 that brought with it so much pain and heartache, anger and frustration, but also an appreciation of what I/we have and how we should appreciate and embrace the good bits more.

We could ask the question what really defined 2020? I think we can safely say that Brexit took a back seat for once as other more pressing issues came to the surface, namely Covid and racism; two diseases that have effected the entire globe. The internet, I'm sure, will be full of reflections on the year that has been, but I'm wondering what can I/we do in the new year to make it better than the one that has just been.


What can you do to make a difference, however small or big that

difference is, what can we do?


I think it's fairly obvious to say that as a business involved in making commercial films and taking photographs, my input into questions like this may not be as insightful as other social commentators out there. However, as a business owner there is something I can learn from last year, there is something I can do differently this year.

With lockdown and the distinct lack of work, I had plenty of opportunity to reflect on my business - where it was doing well, where improvements could be made, the direction I want it to go in and so on. It's been a staggered start since the summer, and I'm guessing that further lockdowns are on the way, but I'm seeing 2021 as a year to really see Tim Rogers Media and Tim Rogers Photography take big strides forward.

Part of this new direction is this blog! (Maybe it should be a vlog!) A weekly digestable dose of media from all angles, courtesy of yours truly - don't worry, they won't be all reflective and contemplative as this one. I'll be exploring areas such as #photography, #photographers and their work, #film and #media including my love for #drone and #aerial videography. I'll be looking at art, gadgets, equipment, projects that I'm on as well as other stuff.

Feel free to sign up, login and maybe even leave a nice comment or two every now and then. This blog isn't meant to be controversial, just a light-hearted glimpse into the #artistic, #aesthetic, technological and sometimes not-so-technological world of media.

And that's it for now.

Hopefully see you next week.


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