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Drone Film & Videography

Commercial and creative drone videography

Splendid Silent Tim Rogers Media

I put together a film that showcases the drone filming I've done of late. I've called it 'Splendid Silent'. The theme is broadly sunrise and sunsets under a coastal backdrop with aerial footage from around the UK. At only three minutes, it's worth a watch!

It was great working with Tim. He really listened to what I wanted and gave me the film I was looking for. 

Andy Christopher


I would recommend Tim to any company looking for high quality video production and photography.

Gary Pooley MD
Steele Media

School Drone Film

Using the drone isn't about getting the drone as high as possible, but getting the right shot for what you're wanting to achieve. This is a promotional film I did for a school who wanted a short drone film of the building, play areas and other parts of the school. Using the drone to capture a variety of shots, including the children playing, gives the viewer a fresh perspective and alternate view on an everyday scene.

Filming Projects

I have also made a range of hand held films for a range of clients including a series for a hospitality marketing company. 

Gabby from The Pigs Hidden Talents

This film is part of a series of films promoting the 'Work with us' brand in Norfolk. Working across a number of stunning locations with several briefs was really exciting, as was meeting so many different people. I also got to sample some great food!

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