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About Me

Capturing life from behind the lens

I love cameras, especially ones attached to drones, and using them to take stunning images and capture fantastic film footage. Based in the London, I'm open to going just about anywhere to take stunning pictures and make great films.


My Story

I had my first camera when I was something like ten years old and I've gone through a fair few in the meantime. For me there's something special about looking at video footage or an image I've taken and feeling a sense of pride about it. Seeing the final production of a film and photograph makes it even more special.

I've been making films for the better part of two decades and I originally started as a wedding videographer and absolutely loved it! Since then I've expanded into more commercial and creative videography with a specialism in drone work.

I am constantly amazed every time I take the drone out to capture stunning aerial photography. There's always something different with each flight and I love the sights and images the drone can take.

Meet The Why

I'm married to an amazing wife who has the patience to live with someone who always has a camera in his hand, father to two wonderful children who are growing up way too fast, and dog-dad to the fabulous Patterdale George. 


When I'm not filming or taking photos I'll be either strumming and plucking my guitar, playing the piano or even being a supporting artist on various films and TV shows. The chances are you've probably seen me on the big screen at some point!


On my quiet days off I love to read, write, walk and learn new stuff. I'm currently learning sign language as well as how to crochet.

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